Death By Tangents

23 Years an Eagle

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Today I got the following anniversary reminder in my email: I wholehertedly disagree with the idea that “6/20/1995 … feels just like yesterday”; it feels like another lifetime entirely. In a biological sense (cell age) I am a completely different organism. My mental landscape is also completely different as my brain is (surely) starting to calcify and I’m slowly turning into a stereotypical “I don’t understand kids these days” old man.

DevOpsDays Austin 2018 Food, Venue, and Happy Hour AAR

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DevOpsDays Austin 2018 has come and gone this year and thre are quite a lot of takeaways. I personally learned a lot of lessons this year around venue management and the downsides of scheduling another offsite Happy Hour. In the spirit of opennes and continuous improvement Don’t Assume the Price is Zero, Event if People are Nice There’s a natural tension between not being a jerk being nice to your vendors and making sure that you can afford everything you want to do.

AWS Lambda + Python + External Libraries the Easy Way

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As a systems administrator systems engineeer devops engineer SRE? I’ve come to love AWS Lambda. Even though there are limitations (duration and resource caps) most of the server-side daemon code you end up developing can be ported over without too much hassle. There is one hitch that can make your serverless life painful: external libraries. Why External Libraries The Python standard library has just about everything you need to write elegant software that can do just about everything.

My New New New Blog

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I don’t know how many blogs that I’ve attempted to start over the years. I usually get a few posts in and then that’s it; no more steam left in the tank to commit or, more often, it begins to feel like work. The minute something feels like work it triggers this deadman switch somewhere in my brain that says “no fun, must stop”. And then the poor old site becomes an orphan, part of the digital detritus that I’ve left over the 2+ decades that I’ve had a presence on the Internet.