About The Author

Who: Richard Boyd II

What: CloudOps Engineering Lead

Where: ATX

Why: Because blogging is a thing again?

I do CloudOps Engineering in Austin. I’ve always like to write (journals, diaries, proto-blogs) and as I get older I want to take this up as more of a hobby to help refine my voice and thoughts.

In my free time I’m an organizer for DevOpsDays Austin and try to attend as many Meetups as I can. The DevOps Community is very strong in Austin and they were instrumental in helping me transition out of being a the traditional software systems engineering field and into practicing DevOps. Without them I wouldn’t be where I’m at today.

When I’m not I live with two badass ladies (my wife and daughter) and three lazy cats in South Austin. I volunteer for Girl Scouts and enjoy teaching her the joys of scouting. In my free time I like to check out all the great breweries around town. Hopefully I can add blogging to my list of “things I do”.

Find out more at my personal web site.