My New New New Blog


I don’t know how many blogs that I’ve attempted to start over the years. I usually get a few posts in and then that’s it; no more steam left in the tank to commit or, more often, it begins to feel like work. The minute something feels like work it triggers this deadman switch somewhere in my brain that says “no fun, must stop”. And then the poor old site becomes an orphan, part of the digital detritus that I’ve left over the 2+ decades that I’ve had a presence on the Internet.

So why in the world would I commit (again) to starting another blog that is (most likely) doomed to be abandoned? Because all this time I’ve been missing out on doing something that I used to enjoy very much: writing. The only way you can get better at writing is to write. There are very few outlets that can offer that kind of continued practice that I need. I still have dreams of writing something more long form and still plenty of time left to do so.

Most blogs tend to be about something, like cars, or tech, or raising kids. I don’t think that I can commit to staying on one topic or theme; as things come to me that interest me I’ll just write about them. Perhaps this becomes some kind of narrative over time, or maybe it’ll just devolve into nonsense with no clear voice.